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Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Running Away, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders and more
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Stories - You Are Not Alone & Where to Turn

This feature is for kids and teens to see what others have gone through. You may think you are the only one suffering in the way you do, sometimes it helps to read about other kids and teens who have been sexually abused, physically abused and emotionally abused or are sad, depressed, thinking about suicide, bullied and all sorts of problems. In some cases you can see how they dealt with and overcame their issues. Some stories will include the email of the writer so that you can write to them for advice.

If you are being abused, don't wait! Call a Hotline, tell a school counselor, teacher, therapist, child welfare, or the police. They are all there to help and protect you! Together lets end the abuse and suffering in silence.

Tyler's story

Emily's story

Sara's story

Stardust's story

Leapfrog's (Lisa from Australia) story

Caitlin's story

Nicky's story

Nicole's story

Cori's story

Anne's story

Kelly's story

Crystal's story

Jasmine's story

Older stories

Post Your Own Story and Help Kids & Teens

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