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A Kids & Teens Help Guide to dealing with:
Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Running Away, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders and more
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Kids in Trouble Help Page

Help and Advice Links

This Site is Dedicated To the memory Justina Morales and to every child and teen, killed, raped, beat, abused, neglected or verbally abused by their parents or any adults. All the links to sites on child abuse, depression, runaways, suicide, bullying and all kinds of problems that kids and teens may face are specially chosen links for kids & teens.

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Some of these sites have hotlines. Keep in mind that hotlines are country specific. If you find a hotline that you wish to call but it is in not in the country you live in, check out my hotlines page for hotline numbers in your country.

~~~ ~~~ Hotline Information - Call a Hotline ~~~ ~~~

Official KITHP Hotlines Page
Your guide to Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide and other Hotline Numbers for USA and many other countries

~~~ ~~~ Teenage Suicide ~~~ ~~~

Teen Suicide at What to do if you are thinking about suicide

Teen Suicide Page Especially for Teens

1-800 Suicide Hotline

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention

Avoid Suicide 25 Reasons to Avoid Suicide

~~~ ~~~ Bullying ~~~ ~~~

Bullying Online Advice and Help from the UK's #1 bullying resource

Jared's Story Learn more about Bullying and what you can do. In Memory of Jared High

~~~ ~~~ Child Abuse ~~~ ~~~

What is Child Abuse From the British Childline Site

Child Protection - Tips for Kids From The Australian Kidshelp Site

How to Handle Abuse KidsHealth Abuse Info for kids

Family Abuse TeensHealth Abuse Info for teens

Teen Abuse Prevention Excellent Canadian Site

Don't Hide it Being Abused or Bullied?

~~~ ~~~ Relationship Abuse ~~~ ~~~

Abusive Teen Relationships From the TeensHealth Network

Dating Violence The Abuse Factor in Dating from By Girls for Girls

Love is Respect National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline and Info

~~~ ~~~ Attention problems ADHD ~~~ ~~~

What Is Hyperactivity? Can't Sit Still? Hyperactive? Read this about ADHD, it may not be your fault!

~~~ ~~~ Depression & Self Esteem ~~~ ~~~

Depression A Guide for Teens

Depression in Teenagers Let's Talk about Depression

Depression and Suicide Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment of Clinical Depression

Affirmations For Building Self-esteem

Self Esteem How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?

~~~ ~~~ Self Image & Eating Disorders ~~~ ~~~

Eating Disorders A General Guide for Teens

Eating Disorders Facts for Teens

National Eating Disorders Association Eating Disorders Information Index

~~~ ~~~ Self Injury - Cutting ~~~ ~~~

Self Injury A Guide for Teens

I feel like cutting Help Me Heather's advice to a girl who wants to cut again at gurl dot com

~~~ ~~~ Teen Resources Q&A Pages ~~~ ~~~

Teen Health Talk Ask a question or just read answers, interesting subjects

Gurl Advice Give and get advice from (and for) Girls

Puberty 101 Resource for those who are about to, or are, going through puberty.

~~~ ~~~ Real Stories ~~~ ~~~

Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy A Flower Growing in the Desert, My Story and many others

Story of Paul Mc Laughlin Read about Paul a survivor of child abuse, and all that he has done to stop child abuse

A letter to my grandfather Read a letter that a girl wrote to her grandfather who abused her

~~~ ~~~ Miscellaneous ~~~ ~~~

There4Me is for you if you're between 12-16 years old and are worried about something and need some help.

Dealing with feelings how to cope with feelings in different situations