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The Kids in Trouble Help Page began in 1996 as the only website created exclusively for kids and teens who needed help from such issues as child abuse, depression, runaways and suicide. There were other websites back then that dealt with these issues, but not designated for kids and teens and none in a style and language they can easily understand. Maybe even more importantly none that spoke directly to kids and teens and offered help directly to them as opposed to their parents or teachers and other professionals. Today more than 10 years after our initial launch we are still arguably the only site that talks to kids & teens specifically about these issues. Though thankfully for all the kids out there are today a limited number of sites are designed for kids and while they deal with a number of issues they do include some of these issues. You will find these sites in our helplinks section. Still the Kids in Trouble Help Page remains a one stop location where kids and teens can instantly find the information they need whether through our helplinks page, or by reading other stories and poems of kids who went through similar experiences, or by looking up the number of a hotline in their country. Today the kids in trouble help page is being redesigned and more features are being added on issues such as eating disorders, ADD, self esteem issues and more in a way that kids and teens can find the help and or answers they need to deal with these issues. If you have a suggestion whether about the design or new subject matter feel free to contact us. We want to keep KITHP the best one source resource for the kids and teens who need us.


If you are more interested in reading about what is being done and what has already been done to update the Kids in Trouble Help Page click on Revision, Progress and Goals

Thank you for visiting the Kids in Trouble Help Page (KITHP)

The Kids in Trouble Help Page began November 11th 1996. It began by chance, the story goes like this:
One day as I was surfing the internet in my school library, I came across a page from angelfire which let you design your own web site. I thought that was a cool idea, but I figured instead of just doing some boring home page all about myself (as were most web pages back then) I would learn to design my first web page by doing something useful that could help kids and teens. Instantly the idea was born for KITHP. Granted the page was not very exciting for about the first six months until one day when I was attempting to download something new the server went down and the entire page was lost. I then took it upon myself to design the page anew and much better than before. I had realized that while there was some information here and there on the web about child abuse, depression and possibly even some information on runaways and suicide, there was no one source of information which was user friendly to kids and teens with this kind of content. What was available was more geared to either adults studying the subjects, or for teachers and therapists. The few pages that were user friendly to kids were very scattered and very few. At that point I decided something serious needed to be done.

I was going to make the KITHP the best page out there for all the kids and teens who need it. It was going to be user friendly to kids and would have links to the pages on subjects such as child abuse, depression, suicide, and runaways, that were actually geared to kids. Kind of like a one stop shop for kids who really needed the information - and in many cases fast! Thus began hours and hours of work on achieving and maintaining that goal, with the only reward being the kids and various professionals who would sign my guestbook and congratulate me on a well done and necessary web site. After my "Jewish Bone Marrow Donors Resource Guide Page" (A page created to help save lives of people dying from leukemia) was completely lost due to an angelfire crash, I switched all my pages to geocities.com which had for many years been an excellent host. At around this time the emails I would receive from kids and teens who really needed help was growing and growing, I decided to take a few steps. The first was the hotlines page - An extensive list of emergency hotlines kids and teens for throughout the United States and many other countries. In the year 2000 A new feature was added, a stories page in which kids and teens who had been in bad situations could post their stories on KITHP along with an email. Kids coming to KITHP could now read stories which may have been similar to what they were going through and email the writer.

Today the KITHP is in the process of a major revision. To read more about this click on Revision, Progress and Goals

The Kids in Trouble Help Page is a completely free service, but we need your help to continue! To keep up to date, to stay in tune with the Kids & teens who need us!

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