Revision, Progress and Goals

Today the KITHP is in the process of a major revision. After 10 years on geocities I was forced to switch to a new server due to the huge ads they stick on to every page and due to their server bandwidth limits which meant many people were not getting to see the page.

In the process of transferring KITHP from its geocities server to I have been updating and retouching the pages one by one to make them more clean and user friendly while at the same time keeping the colors and feel of the KITHP.

The following is a list of what has been done followed by a list of what has yet to be done. (list is in chronological order - dates listed when known)

Goals and visions for both the short term and long term, with your support.

The Kids in Trouble Help Page is a completely free service, but we need your help to continue! To keep up to date, to stay in tune with the kids & teens who need us!

I have just added a new feature in which you may donate to KITHP via paypal. (or via credit card upon request). If you appreciate this kind of work, feel it is important and would like to see it continue please click on the button and Donate. Unfortunately donations to Kids in Trouble Help Page are not tax deductable.

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