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Nicole's Story - You Are Not Alone & Where to Turn

Date Posted: Wednesday, Sep 10, 2000

I am Nicole and i am 16 years old. Here is my story of depression, suicide attempts and abuse.

Ever since i can remember, people have picked on me. I tried to kill myself in 3rd grade because i had an awful teacher and ADD and i was having major problems. Things got worse in middle school, I tries to kill myself and one time i almost did die i took 30 aspirins and 30 sleeping pills and i went to sleep. I woke up. I tries slicing away at my wrists, stabbing myself, hanging myself anything. High School is the worst. My freshman year I was a babsketball cheerleader, i was invovled in drama and i was dating! Well, one guy decided he wanted to rape me and he raped me. The whole school found out. Everyone said i was a slut and i deserved it and all that but i didnt! This past year my sophmore year, i became so depressed i cried every night for a month telling my mom i was going to kill myself and i wanted to die etc. so i switched schools. I went to an alternative school and things went well for a while but these 3 girls who didnt like me started saying stuff about me and got a lot of people to be mean to me. I cried on the stairs with my group of friends surronding me i felt so pathetic and one time i got so low i ran into the bathroom and cut my arm up and down. When school ended i was very happy. I am returning there Monday August 28, 2000 and i hope no one mean is there.
Thank you Nicole

Sorry there is no longer an email available for Nicole

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