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Tyler's Story - You Are Not Alone & Where to Turn

Date Posted: Friday, October 14, 2011

My story:

Hey :) im tyler and i live in New Zealand. I live with my dad and my brother and soon maybe my dads girlfriend. ive lived with my dad and my brother for maybe 4-5 years now. Here is my story. four years ago my life was great :) dad was in a good stable job in the navy and about to get his 20 year payout. Mum was a good stay at home mum and my brother was just 3 years younger then me. life was good. Dad got his pay out and so mum and dad decided they needed a change and to get away so we moved to alittle place in the middle of now where. It was hard for a person like me who is quiet and keeps to my self to find friends, but i got told i had to deal with it. Life was good down there , we had bought a house outright and dad and mum both had stable jobs and were earning ohkay money, dad took up being a firefighter and so that was allgood until around 16 months later when he got called to a house fire and it turns out it was my house. i didnt know , i was at school and was none the wiser, i had planned for a friend for a friend to comeover that day and when i was told she couldnt , being a typicall child , i asked why and wouldnt give up when my said because, she finally came out and just said " because the house has burned down" when i heard that i was crushed, so we went home and i found out i had nothing , my room was completely gone , all my things , my valuables, GONE . we lived in a hotel for my birthday and that might sound cool to some but to be honest it sucked. we got rideculed and teased and just it got so hard living there we had to move , we moved back to auckland. We had to court case to sort out everything that had happened and it came out that my mum had done it , she had burned the house down , her own family house , and more , she had stolen thousands and thousands of dollars from family and friends and had lied and cheated on my dad 6 times with 6 different and i thought that was it for , i cant do this anymore. She went to jail for 9 months and came out and while she was in , i stopped contact with her , i couldnt talk to her. she came out and tried to convince me she changed , and it worked , i went down to see her where she lived , and i had a good week , or so i thought until my holiday money went " missing" i got every excuse in the book when i got back home , but never got my money back. my own mother had stolen money from her 12 year old daughter. it was another 5-6 months and she was back in jail for more fraud and lies and stealing. its now been 3 years since ive talked to her , i refuse to. ive seen 3 counsellors and talked to lots of people but nothing has helped. I have family here for me but i just feel lost , i sometimes blame myself for what she did because if i loved her more maybe she wouldnt have done it. but alot of things are going on , my dog died last weekend and he was alot to me , we grew up together and were the same age , i have shared tears with him , i cried with him beside me and he left , thats just someone else who has left me , me and my best friend of 4 years dont talk anymore because she cut herself and i told her i didnt agree and she promised she wouldnt do it again and hse did , she broke a promise and fater everything ive ben through with trust she broke my trust in her and dosent care , it hurts and right now im lost :( im confused and if any of you can offer help , please do and im here if you ever need help or just someone to talk to , im always here and always able to talk , i like to help people with whatever they need help with , so email me it you would like to and tell me what you need help with


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