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Being alone by ~Dee~

What dose it sound like to be alone?
Hearing your own silence and cries beat you down to nothingness.

What does it feel like to be hurt?
Numbless pain slowly killing you, breaking you to pieces, blood not dripping, but pouring.

What does it look like to be rejected?
Not being wanted, hated by, invisible, no one, nothing, no one cares about you. No one ever will. Not to be loved.

What does is taste like to be heartbroken?
The saltiness of tears, the sour rich taste of blood, the taste of something so unbearable you can't explain.

What does it smell like to be hated?
More than stinky, more than revolting, something so sick that you get used to the smell, a smell so courageous that you can't even feel like puking. It stays with you, it always lingers on during time, never leaves you.

I can sometimes be so hurt, so broken and wired down, that nothing even matters anymore, nothing. I can't do or even think of anything. I'm just done. Done with everything. Last words, last cries, and sadly, my last breath.

I hate being alone. No one should ever be alone, hurt, rejected, heartbroken, or hated. Yet, it still happens to millions of people all over the world every song year, month, day, hour, minute, and second of our daily lives.

Don't be that person slowly killing another inside, because one day you will regret it, and if you don't, you too will feel like them one day.


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