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Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Running Away, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders and more
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@ Angels, by Christina @

people say that everyone has an angel, but where is my angel, is she falling from the sky? i do not see her wings, or her love and grace. where is my angel, i thought that everyone had one, to calm their fears, and dry their tears. i am still afriad, and the tears are still falling from my eyes. where is my angel? is she helping someone else? has she forgot all about me? i pray to God for an angel, to lift me from my sadness and to calm my flowing tears. but he does not hear my cry, i sit here waiting for an angel to come just one little angel that i thought everyone had. but i do not have an angel, she has forgotten about me, i am now here all alone, leaving me to pray and pray, until one day when God hears me.


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