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Bruises, by Jennifer Langston

The bruises arn't talked about, They are just ignored. We all know where they came from And they hurt me like a sword.

I'm in my room crying now Sitting alone on my floor I don't know what to do, But right now I am just so sore.

The bruises on the outside They really dont hurt that much It's the pain I feel on the inside That's really hard for me to touch

No one knows about this secret of mine But, there are some people who know Those are the people, who live here, They see the bruises come and go.

My sister, she just stands there And watches it all happen She then goes to her room I know she too is saddened.

I know its all my fault, Because if I had never yelled, That hand would have never raised That hand that pounds me down to hell.

It really doesn't happen much Just once every now and again I'll say or do something wrong Then the cycle, it all begins.

Well, I really must go now I hear them coming down the hall I don't know what is going to happen, I really hope they dont hit me at all.

-Jennifer L.

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