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@ Pain - by Christina @

he stands in front of me, not knowing what to say. for i am getting sick again, worse and worse each day.

he tries to smile, and make my tears disappear, but no one can take away my lonliness and fear.

with all of my heart and soul, i wish every day, that with one small word, he could take all of my pain away.

i am all alone in this fight, no matter what anyone tells me, no one can understand, the hopelessness that i see.

why must i get sick again, no one seems to know, i really dont understand, what is God trying to show?

i pray with all of my heart, but it never does any use, i am still depressed, and suffering from self abuse.

i am waiting for the day, when the pain will be to much to bare, i will leave this world, losing my families love and care.

everyday i ask, why must this happen to me once again, why cant i just be happy, why cant this nightmare end?


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